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Lisa Rokusek, CPC/CTS

Managing Partner

St. Louis, MO Office

Specialty: Information Technology, Engineering & Sales/Marketing Lisa Rokusek is a top-ranked recruiter who has supplied top talent to her clients for almost 20 years and was a successful technical entrepreneur prior to finding her calling as a recruiter. Her enthusiasm, knowledge, and skills help create successful sourcing, recruiting and retention strategies, and she likes nothing better than sharing her best practices with peers. She networks incessantly, both online and off, and cares deeply about recruiting as an industry. 

Lisa works in a variety of technology related arenas specializing in high impact and leadership positions. She has a special fondness for commercial product development (software, hardware and everything in between), she stays abreast of developments in virtualization/storage/infrastructure, mobile and wireless technology as well as bioinformatics and data analytics. 

From Lisa: I help companies hire better talent faster, and keep valuable employees longer. I'm a Harbinger of Opportunity & a Purveyor of Possibility. I help individuals and companies accomplish their dreams. 

I've earned the adjectives tenacious, determined and persistent. I pay attention to people and nuances, and I deliver - both to companies seeking talent and to candidates looking for opportunity. I love to laugh. I believe kindness is important. I think time is too important to be wasted. I must understand what my clients want and need in order to deliver it, so I ask the tough questions and I listen – even to what isn’t spoken. The ability to enthuse is paramount to success in recruiting - and details get people excited - not buzzwords. 

Positioning by Listening® is not just a catchy buzz phrase. I live it daily.

"You earned my trust when you placed me as a candidate. You earned it again when you made me look good by helping me hire a great team. You don't let people down. I am glad you are on my side."  Director, Product Development

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